October 14, 2021

3 Baccarat Math Rules You Need To Know To Win

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Everything that happens at the baccarat table is determined by basic and fundamental mathematical principles. The odds of the hand you bet on to win are based 100% on the cards in the shoe. And over time, the odds always work out exactly how they’re supposed to work out.

3 Baccarat Math Rules You Need To Know To Win

Here are 3 facts about a baccarat game which involve math that you can start using immediately. All of these tidbits of knowledge will help improve your results at the tables.

#1 - Baccarat Tie Wager Math

Anytime you use math to compare gambling games or wager opportunities, the best way to compare them is using two percentages.

For example, the house edge on the tie wager at the baccarat table is 14.36%. To get the return to player percentage, subtract 14.36% from 100%. This means the return to the player on the tie wager is 85.64%. Does this make sense?

From a mathematical standpoint, the tie wager in baccarat is so bad that you should never make it no matter what. The odds and returns are simply too detrimental to your bankroll. These math principles must always be a measured trade-off.

#2 - Side Bets & Baccarat

Side bets are the fun ones.

I’m not going to spend much time on discussing all of the possible baccarat side wager options. They are functionally infinite and subject to the creativity of those involved.

If we are to put it simply… every baccarat side wager is designed to have a higher house edge and lower return percentage than the banker wager.

This means that there isn’t a baccarat side wager that you should ever consider making. The math shows that all of the available options are worse than the banker wager, and this is all you need to know when you play baccarat.

#3 - Useful & Potentially Lucrative Baccarat Bonus Math

The game is the same whether you play in a live casino or in a digital casino, but mobile and new online casinos sometimes give bonuses to baccarat players.

You know what the house edge is for each baccarat bet, and you know how to determine your average loss. You can use this information to compare baccarat bonuses. Find out how much you have to bet with each baccarat bonus, then determine how much you’re going to lose playing that much.

Now, look at the total amount of the bonus and compare it to how much you’re going to lose. Most bonuses are designed so that you lose more than the bonus is actually worth - this is the basic economics of gambling.


No matter how you look at the math, the only baccarat wager that should ever be made is on the banker's hand. The player hand isn’t bad in comparison to most other casino games. But it’s not the best option at the baccarat table, so we don’t recommend it.

The math also clearly shows the best bet size. If you bet more than the lowest amount available, you’re losing more money than you should.

Here are 3 big math tips for Baccarat; and more will be shared soon!

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