January 10, 2022

A Complete Guide to Playing Online Poker Tournaments

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Looking to join the world of online poker tournaments? This is a great starting point. It features a magnitude of information on how to get off to a flying start with the ultimate poker tournament strategy. This article also covers the main types of online poker tournaments with profitable returns.

A Complete Guide to Playing Online Poker Tournaments

What is an online poker tournament?

A poker tournament is an event where punters pay a small entry fee to compete for the top prize. Players get a specific amount of chips to play with after paying the entry fee. And if they lose all the chips before the tournament ends, they get eliminated from the competition.

As expected, payouts depend on the player’s overall ranking at the end of the event. For example, the best player can get 40% or 50% of the total prize pool, with the remainder shared among positions 2 to 10. So, the higher you finish in a tournament, the more the money.

Different types of poker tournaments

What are the categories of poker tournaments available at the best online casinos? Obviously many! But below are the main ones:

Knockout bounty: This poker tournament game is enjoyable to play, as there is a bounty bonus for a player who knocks another player out. The prize is awarded instantly and can be 20% to 50% of each gamer’s buy-in.

Sit and go: Sit and go or SNG, as popularly known, is a tournament that sets off after a required number of gamers join in. Simply find a table and start playing as soon as the table is full.

Rebuy tournaments: As earlier said, most poker tournaments kick out players without any remaining chips. But in this variant, gamers can ‘rebuy’ more chips but for a predefined period. This can be during the first hour or two of the tournament.

Frozen out: This is the exact opposite of rebuy tournaments. In this game, players are frozen out of the event as soon as their chips run out.

Turbo/speed tournaments: If you’re after a fast-paced poker tournament, here is one for you. This event features faster betting level increases, forcing gamers to play more hands.

Shootouts: Last but not necessarily the least poker tournament out there is ‘shootout.’ In this event, a gamer must floor all opponents on a table to proceed to the following table.

Tips to win at online poker tournaments

Honestly, there is no predefined online poker strategy that guarantees quick returns. The trick is to learn multiple systems and constantly adjust according to the gameplay. However, some basic ones can still come in handy. For instance, always start will low-stakes events to master how things work and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Also, ensure you set aside ample time to play at the poker tournaments listed above. Most online poker tournaments take the whole day to complete, although some take a couple of hours. So, set aside enough time to play before purchasing online poker chips.

The most critical poker tournament strategy is to avoid bluffing most of the time. As a beginner, it’s understandable that you may want to size up your opponents and make calculated moves. But while this is a vital component of playing poker, bluffing is better left to the pros. Why? Seasoned poker players will definitely call out your bluff.


You should now be ready to partake in any online poker tournament that comes your way. Just choose one that works for you from the list above and apply a poker tournament strategy to stand a chance. Remember, online casino tournaments can count towards clearing your bonus requirements.

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