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Online casinos are ramping up support for players who are battling gambling addiction. With more than 1.6 million regular gamblers in the country, addiction is a major concern. Nearly 6 percent of gamblers will develop a habit. Easy, round-the-clock access to online betting exacerbates the issue for those players who are struggling with addiction issues.

Even those who recover can be in a constant struggle to address the feelings behind the compulsion. In response, reputable casinos implement responsible gambling policies, geared toward helping gamblers in need. Here are three ways online casinos help to curb addictive behavior.

Warning Players

Most respectable online casinos prominently display information about gambling addiction on their online casino websites. These disclaimers warn gamblers about what they may experience if addicted. At-risk gambling behavior includes borrowing money to gamble, thinking about gambling constantly, gambling to escape issues of life.

By encouraging self-monitoring of behaviors, some online casinos are helping addicts to beat gambling addiction. Warnings often include the caveat that gambling is entertainment and encourage account holders to only spend what they can risk losing. Gambling is one way to have fun, and some websites encourage at-risk players to find other forms of entertainment.

Offering Digital Solutions

Responsible gaming initiatives also advise gamblers on how to curb addictive behavior. Setting legal age limits for players helps to prevent underage gambling. Teens and young adults are high-risk candidates for addictive tendencies. Digital accounts require identity verification to ensure an adult is playing. Users may also set limits on spending. At some casinos, gamblers can give themselves a gambling break by opting out of the account for a certain period of time.

Digital graphs give players an overall view of winning and losing trends, allowing a gambler to make informed financial decisions. Beyond self-monitoring, technology can now monitor player behavior and warn the player, if the software detects risky behavior. In addition, some casinos provide a periodic pop-up, which appears in timed intervals to ask the player if he wants to continue playing.

Finding Help

From websites to apps, ways to access internet gambling are steadily increasing. New online casinos are beginning to realize the importance of providing responsible gaming referrals to curb gambling addiction. A wide variety of resources help online gamblers to overcome addiction. New online casinos provide lists of organizations, which will help players who are experiencing at-risk behaviors. Gamblers Anonymous and Gambling Therapy are two organizations providing ongoing support and guidance to combat gambling addiction and assist in recovery.

Personalized treatment is usually the first step to recovering from gambling addiction. Organizations may implement family counseling, individual analysis, or in-patient recovery, depending on the extent of the addiction.

Helping players beat gambling addiction is integral to new online casino operations. Responsible platforms place players above profits by implementing new and innovative ways to track, monitor, and assist gamblers who exhibit at-risk behaviors. Educating the gambling community helps casinos to set and maintain healthy boundaries to help gamblers enjoy casino games. Placing detailed information about responsible gambling is the first step for new online casinos to beat gambling addiction.


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