May 31, 2021

8 Signs you're becoming addicted to gambling

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Risking hard-earned money in the hope of winning big in the online casinos is a trial of luck; getting intoxicated with betting is the problem. When online gambling becomes uncontrollable, despite the toll it takes on the gambler, it is called gambling disorder or compulsive gambling. However, bettors looking to play reasonably should visit New CasinoRank for hundreds of trending and winning online casino games.

8 Signs you're becoming addicted to gambling

This guide will reveal the eight signs that lead a wagerer towards gambling addiction.

1. Hiding the Act

Ideally, gambling on real money is a social activity for some online casino players or sports bettors. Doing it is fun because they're happy sharing their betting experience with loved ones, even on social networks. However, when gamblers feel the need to hide the act to avoid being judged by others, it needs a wake-up call.

2. Stealing Money to Gamble

Online casino players may steal money to play, hoping that they’ll win big and pay back. However, gambling online to the extent of stealing money to bet is a dangerous sign of addiction.

3. Gambling with Savings/Budgets

When gamblers begin to place a bet with money they can't afford to lose is a vital sign that the players are getting addicted to gambling. In most cases, risking money that should be in their bank accounts in the hope of multiplying it. Sometimes, it can be money set aside for necessities like food, rent, health care, e.t.c.

4. Betting on Strange Events

There is no issue betting on several events, from online casino games to football on TV. The most important is having little skin in the game to help make good decisions. It's going to become a problem for gamblers who bet on events they know nothing about. So, bettors should watch out if they place bet on every single sporting event.

5. Playing until All Money is Gone

If the only time a bettor stops gambling is when all money is gone, it’s a serious problem. Therefore, the inability of gamblers to quit when they still have money is an obvious indication that they have lost control of their lives.

6. When Pleasure is Out

For most gamblers, playing online casinos give them pleasure. But when the thrill is no more there, it should raise a concern. Just like alcohol and drug addicts build up tolerance towards their choice of substance, gambling addicts also build up tolerance towards the fun of gambling online. When gambling is not fun anymore, it's a signal to be cautious because the need to bet more will rise.

7. Feeling Regrets Afterward

A common habit with most addicts is knowing what they are doing is wrong but can't stop doing it. Such wagerers have feelings of shame, embarrassment, or regret whenever they are about staking at an online casino website.

8. A Feeling of Loss When Betting is Stopped

Having a feeling of emptiness when a player is not betting is a sign that he is becoming addicted to gambling. Irrespective of terms used, feeling drawn to gambling to avoid being empty is detrimental to mental and physical emotions.


Gamblers would have experienced at least one of the gambling addicts listed above. If so, they need to consider getting addicted and take the right measures immediately.

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