April 11, 2021

Top 6 Essential Steps for Gamblers Playing Craps

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The ultimate goal of any gambler is to make maximum profits when playing casino games online. And to achieve this, players must be able to think in other directions toward the game. However, today's online casinos will help gamblers learn the essential rules about craps.

Top 6 Essential Steps for Gamblers Playing Craps

To make profitable betting decisions, the first step is to understand how dice rolls work. Not knowing the possible outcomes means a further distance from winning. Fortunately, this crap guide teaches comprehensive details about vital wagers and how dice rolls work.

1. Comprehending How Dice Rolls work

There are series of questions that require some answers while playing for money. What odds will gamers get when rolling a six? Also, what are the chances of rolling snake eyes?

Playing real-money craps without having answers to the questions above is possible. It's a sign that the player is not playing with the right information. Using simple techniques can provide answers to these questions and also feed a player with detailed information about dice rolls.

There are two dice in the game with a possible outcome of 12 when rolled. Each dice has 6 as the maximum outcome, and when the two dice are rolled, they create potential totals. The person who rolled out the dice is called a shooter.

2. Come-out Rolls

Options for wagers on come-out rolls are two; betting on the "pass line" or "don't pass line." Betting on the pass means the shooter will win (pass) when a natural is rolled out or before seven-ing out. On the contrary, betting on don't pass means the shooter will lose. Come-out rolls occur when a player can't roll again before a 7 shows up or shoots to obtain a 2 or 3.

3. Other Craps Wagers

Playing craps with other wagers has nothing good to offer except for just two wagers. The first one is the "come-out rolls" that was explained earlier, and the next one is "odds bet," which will be explained in the next section. If gamblers are playing with these two exceptions, they can get maximum return percentage. However, staking on other craps' wager results in losing a lot of money.

4. The Determinant is the Odds

The odds bet is the second wager exception needed to maximize winning. It is the only bet besides "don't pass" that is essential for getting the best return from playing craps. Although odds wager can be confusing if a player is not yet familiar with it, the important thing to understand is that it has a 100 percent return in the long run.

5. Craps Systems for Players

In the hopes of beating craps game, gamblers have utilized several gambling systems. Every crap system makes players lose much money in the long run. Yet, gamblers can make much money when they use "don't pass" and "odds wager" during a craps game.

6. Thinking About Controlled Shooting

This section is not a system but a belief by a group of gamblers who thought "controlled shooting" can help them win craps. However, controlled shooting is a strategy to change the outcomes of the dice rolls, making them not random.


Prepare to make the best wagers by studying how dice rolls and outcomes work, as well as odds bet, in available online casinos.

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